As we move into 2021 – what will this year bring? We know from the signs that we are rapidly moving into the end of days and the return of Jesus our Messiah. Matthew 24: 5-14 and 2 Timothy 3 says in the last days perilous times will come we are certainly seeing this now. We are certainly seeing a shaking of the nations as Jesus said in Hebrews he would shake all things that can be shaken. The pandemic that has spread across the world has had a devastating impact on our economy and the loss of life. Thousands of people have loss their jobs because of the epidemic. On the political front Mr Biden has become the 46th President of the United States and faces a divided nation. He faces a challenging time ahead dealing with the spread of the pandemic that so far has taken over 400,00 lives. At the same time Iran is one of the country’s challenging the New Biden Administration over its nuclear programme which could lead to a major war in the Middle East. If these situations don’t bring us on our knees in prayer what will? In the midst of the darkness and despair is God about to pour out his spirt again on all flesh Joel 2:28. Is the body of Christ beginning to arise – there is a movement of prayer around the world especially in the Middle East. We need to pray for ourselves, our families and unsaved love ones and friends to come to know the Lord in a deeper way. We need also to pray for Israel at this time on the forefront of the spiritual battle. This is a wake up call to the Body of Christ! We need to pray for the gospel to be preached – then the end will come. Let us prepare for the battle ahead and as bride ready to meet her bridegroom.

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